AAMBC Literary Awards Launches National Literacy Campaign #TheySayWeDontRead

AAMBC Literary Awards Launches National Literacy Campaign #TheySayWeDontRead


The African Americans on the Move Book Club (AAMBC)Literary Awards launches its national literacy campaign #TheySayWeDontRead with a core mission to highlight the importance of literacy and writing in the African American community. The campaign will shed positive light on issues such as literacy in the black community, while unifying authors, celebrities, social influencers and artists through compelling stories about their own personal relationships with literature.

“One of the biggest misconceptions of black millennial’s is that we do not read. The truth is that; not only do we read, but we create. There are more published black writers than ever before. Our stories are a relevant reflection of us and are worth talking about,” says Tamika Newhouse, the creator of AAMBC Literary Awards. #TheySayWeDontRead aims to inspire the masses through powerful visuals and messaging that encourage unity, glorify melanin and share their beautiful stories.

The campaign will explore questions dealing with the importance of African American authors and those books that helped transform readers from adolescence to adulthood. It will also feature those authors and speak about those books that catapulted readers into their teenage years.

AAMBC is currently seeking talent submissions for the national campaign. If interested, please send submission to Latoya at accountexecutive@thegarnercircle.com. For more information, visit www.aambcawards.com stay connected via social media on @aambcawards or use hashtag #TheySayWeDontRead .

About AAMBC Literary Awards
AAMBC which stands for African Americans on the Move Book Club was created in February 2008 by Tamika Newhouse. What started as an online book club grew into a national phenomenon. The sole purpose was to expose the unknown writer and to give them the opportunity to win accolades. A tradition still highly expressed to this very date, AAMBC still caters to the unknown writer. They have single handedly worked with well over six hundred writers’ new, seasoned, and considered celebrity status. From first time writers to nationally known they have consistently set the tone to support and promote black writers.

To understand the importance of AAMBC’s presence in the book industry is to understand the value of supporting our black writers. The awards will serve as the premiere event the industry will talk about year after year. It will be blended with new writers to celebrity writers as well as musicians, celebrity actors, and more. The 2017 AAMBC Awards will take place June 9-11, 2017 for more information visit www.aambcawards.com.