Atlanta Business Owner Face Tragic Loss of Husband in Mass Shooting To...

Atlanta Business Owner Face Tragic Loss of Husband in Mass Shooting To Become Award-Winning Author

Tanisha Mackin and Her Family Made Headlines when her Husband was one of several people killed in a mass shooting, now she's inspiring the masses through her story of Resilienc

Author Tanisha Mackin | Writer's Life Mag Spring 2017

In 2016 there were more than 384 mass shootings in the United States, a number that has steadily increased every year. Local author and business owner, Tanisha Mackin and her family were one of the unfortunate ones on August 14, 2010, when she and her husband were back in their hometown for the weekend to celebrate with family and friends their one year wedding anniversary when tragedy struck.

Mackin and her husband were at the City Grill in Buffalo, NY celebrating and preparing for their wedding reception to take place the following day when an argument erupted between a group of people who were also at the popular lounge. Unbeknownst to the Mackins as they were casually headed to their cars  when sudden commotion and gunfire erupted. When all cleared, Tanisha Mackin discovered her husband had been shot and by the looks of things, protecting her, as he always did. She also lost a childhood friend that night who was also there.

Tanisha explains, “That was truly the darkest moment in my life. On top of losing my husband who was my best friend, we had just had our second child, our daughter and I’d just been diagnosed with colon cancer at only 31 years old.”  With little to no resources on how to rebuild life as a widow or books that speak to the emotional toll of losing a spouse, Mackin decided to write her own books.

“My Testimony”, her fifth book gave her the title of award-winning author, garnered her the cover of the Spring issue ofWriter’s Life Magazine ( and tons of other celebrations that will culminate with a book signing party on Sunday, June 11th with friends and celebrity supporters as her book project with Actress/Comedienne Kim Coles, “Open Your G.I.F.T.S. 22 Lessons on Finding and Embracing Your Personal Power” makes its debut.

“Life will never be the same for my family and I, but it is very humbling to be recognized for the things that I have done for the community and others that are facing adversity in their lives.”

The award-winning author owns a publishing company, the Founder of Mackin Miracles, a registered nonprofit that helps widows and children and is the owner of The Destiny Collection, a popular stationery boutique in McDonough, Georgia where the event will take place.

To learn more about Tanisha and her journey please visit, Please also feel free to visit her online stationery boutique The Destiny Collection