Atlanta Home Warranty Company Scamming Homeowners Across the United States


    A good home warranty company provides quality protection and coverage for at least 10 years on qualified structural defects — anything from a leaky roof to a broken air conditioning unit. A bad home warranty company, however, promises to deliver these services, but never provides any actual work.

    Unfortunately, that’s exactly what some Southeastern homeowners say happened to them.

    According to 11 Alive, Delta Home Protect, an Atlanta-based organization, has been accused of taking Georgia homeowners’ money after offering various home warranty services.

    “Companies can’t go around scamming and stealing money from people that work hard for their money,” said Danny Black, who was forced to pull out of his new home warranty after realizing he was being taken advantage of by the company. “You’re going to put yourself out of business for making a quick dollar.”

    CBS 46 reports that there have been victims in 20 states who have reported Delta Home Protect. The typical complaint alleges that the Atlanta company charged for warranty services but provided no subsequent assistance, effectively scamming its clients.

    On the Better Business Bureau website, Elizabeth B. complained that:

    This is the worst company with which I have ever had dealings. I’m a very trusting person who is very patient and easy to please but my experience has been HORRIBLE!! No one is available on weekends or evenings, even for emergencies. Calls are ignored. Claims aren’t settled. No one ever calls back with a person to make a repair. If you CAN get an actual employee on the phone, instead of just an answering service, they will speak nicely and promise assistance is coming. It never does.

    According to KVUE, the Better Business Bureau has received more than 1,800 complaints and calls about the service during the first eight months of 2016.

    “Generally, the things we get complaints about are about coverage and difficulty in getting certain items repaired,” added Erin Dufner, chief marketing officer at the BBB.

    Atlanta’s Better Business Bureau’s Mike Boynton stated that the reason Delta Home Protect was given such a low rating was because of the unusual number of complaints.

    “We gave them the BBB rating they deserve and that’s an F rating,” added Boynton. “It’s a business like this that gives the industry a bad name.”

    The Georgia Department of Consumer Protection confirms an ongoing investigation into Delta Home Protect, but it is currently unaware of where any potential owners are located. They are encouraging homeowners who were impacted by this scam to file a complaint with the agency and potentially file a lawsuit.