Entertainment Personality Cas Spencer Shops ‘Christian Bachelorette’ Reality TV Show for Development...

Entertainment Personality Cas Spencer Shops ‘Christian Bachelorette’ Reality TV Show for Development Deal


Entertainment Personality Cas Spencer, is currently shopping her Christian themed “Bachelorette” style reality tv show to networks with an emphasis on those that are family, and faith friendly as well as female focused.

Spencer, who has been quite vocal about the need for a Christian version of the popular reality show, has received an outpouring of support on social media from potential viewers who want the show as well.

“I was quite taken aback by the response I received from people who read my editorial on why I believed a Christian version was important”, said Spencer.  After a few days I started to get a flurry of retweets and reposts via social media from all over the country as well as supporters abroad.  It’s been very exciting to see that others share my desire to see faith-based romance on television.”

The 33-year-old personality and veteran publicist, wrote a two page editorial for top inspirational faith site Beliefnet, after watching “The Bachelor: Women Tell All” reunion show.

“Where’s the Christian version of the Bachelorette? Church girls need love too,” wrote Spencer.  And it’s apparent that women across the country agreed, with one social media commenter writing, “Good reading for some single ladies.”

Christian dating shows is not a completely foreign topic to Spencer, as she worked on the first season of the Game Show Network’s, “It Takes A Church” while a publicist at a Los Angeles faith-based public relations firm.

But Cas guarantees her baby will boast something fresh and new.  “This will be a modern and relatable show with a Christian twist,” said Spencer.  “Although it will be set with the premise of faith, one will often forget they’re watching a faith specific show.  It will be inspirational and positive programming above all else.  A show for the family as well as singles.”

Spencer is confident this show would not go unnoticed and that any network would enjoy measurable ratings.

“With 70.6 percent of Americans identifying as Christian (according to a 2014 Pew Research study) a show like this would go over huge with faith audiences. Watching relationships develop is a favorite to church goers and seeing a show that is fashioned specifically for faith and family audiences would be phenomenal for viewers.”


Casimir ‘Cas’ Spencer is a Los Angeles based entertainment personality and publicist. Spencer is a guest dating and relationship blogger and has been featured as a guest social media talker on daytime television talk show “The Talk.