Frekan Is The New Brand That Will Have You Looking So “Fresh”

Frekan Is The New Brand That Will Have You Looking So “Fresh”


Having the pleasure to finally getting a chance to get Edwin Bellevue out of his very busy schedule and interview him about his brand “Frekan”. His New York based brand is fairly new as it approaches is one year anniversary, but it’s definitely making its mark in the Caribbean market. Mr. Bellevue explained in great detail how he intends to keep folks laced up with a “FRESH STYLE & FRESH ATTITUDE”! Below you can read the interview…..

Q) What is Frekan?
A) The word “Frekan”, which means “fresh,” originates from the French Creole dialect. Frekan Clothing Line represents one’s fresh style, attitude and uniqueness through knowledge of sense of self. Our motto “FRESH STYLE FRESH ATTITUDE”

Q) What inspired you to name the clothing brand as such?
A) Frekan started off as a joke, we would call each other Frekan(fresh) sometimes but then one day it dawned on us, maybe we should have a clothing look line called Frekan.  Even the thought of that was a joke, until we did our research and realized that’s never been done before and the opportunity. I thought it would be a negative thing, but after thinking about it decided to turn it around and make it a positive term.

Q) What made you go into the fashion industry?
A) Growing up my mom would sell my favorite caribbean dish called Roti to her friends. I noticed the joy she had making the food and the positive feedback she received. Instead of people going to ‪Burger King‬ or McDonalds, she had something of her own. The idea of doing something of your own etched in the brain, it sparked the idea of going into the industry of Fashion. Creating a shirt with a design and seeing people wearing it aboard and across seas brings that same joy my mom received from her Roti. It’s a feeling that money can’t buy.

Q) How has the transition in the fashion industry been for you?
A) Frekan started ‪October 31‬ of last year. It’s going to be 1 year old soon. Like any newbie it’s going to be a learning process. So far Frekan has been fortunate to meet great people on the journey. Learning from mistakes and learning from others always came at the right time. Reason why things came at the right time, there is no wrong time. Every outcome is a learning process. Finding that person or business to work with depends on us. If it makes sense and the vibes are right, moving forward would be the obvious step. Basically the transition into the industry has been a day by day operation. Things are planned out but the universe may have other plans. Changing of plans is continuous endeavor that Frekan takes.

Q) How do you formulate the fantastic designs that you come up with for the brand?
A) Well the formula to Frekan is Simplicity. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. The other term K.I.S.S, Keep It Simply Stylish. Keeping the brand on a simple path has been the key so far. We believe this provides longevity. Clothing brands come and go. Frekan is here for the long run. The name Frekan stands out by itself. The bubble logo adds that simple touch to the word that stands out. The colors of the brand are red black and white. The word Frekan and the colors represents the background and nationality of the brand. This we will reveal later down the road. The brand doesn’t appeal to one sector of the market. Frekan is an attitude that appeals to everyone.

Q) What are the responses you have gotten from fashion critics in some of the fashion shows you have partaken in?
A) The responses have been very positive.  One thing for sure is that the word Frekan has gotten a few  criticism. In the Haitian culture the creole word Frekan has a somewhat negative meaning of being fresh to someone. We had one such encounter with a women. We explain to her that we took a negative attribute of the word and gave it a positive meaning to it. Once she understood that she saw the brand in a new perspective.  We only did one fashion show, but plan to have more if needed.

Q) What are some of the pitfalls in the industry that you would advise others to avoid?
A) There is nothing you can’t avoid. Learning to deal with mistakes and issues is the key. There is not much we can say because we are fairly new to industry. It does not matter how long a business has been around, if the business doesn’t learn and adapt they will have a hard time staying around.

Q) What is the mission statement for Frekan as a brand?
A) The goal of the brand is to build a connection to our followers. Providing a lifestyle that appeals to persons everyday emotion. Offering a clean timeless fashion collection of products.

Q) Where do you see the brand 5-10 years from now?
A) Basically we want to have the brand well established and internationally known. A brand with classic pieces and collectable garments.

Q) What is one thing you would like to tell your fans, supporters as well as folks who don’t know about the brand?
A) We love our supporters. Frekan is nothing without their support. For the new folks come join us and understand what it means to be a Frekan. Fresh Style Fresh Attitude – F.S.F.A



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