I’m Rooting For Everyone Black

I’m Rooting For Everyone Black


Painting by Madam Adrienne Muse

These 5 beautiful words that Issa Rae uttered at the red carpet of the Emmy Awards this past weekend was “EPIC”!!!

It’s a statement “melaninated” people should embrace and practice towards one another. With such elegance, Ms. Rae said words that spoke “HOPE & LOVE” in the hearts of all black people all throughout the world.

If only we could root, cheer, embrace and push each other towards “BLACK EXCELLENCE”. That’s the only way we can combat the jealousy, envy and hatred among other things we allow to penetrate between us as a group of people. We’ve endured all types of unimaginable foul play against us, but yet we stand the test of time. So let’s adopt that mentality of rooting for a fellow brother or sister to find that “GREATNESS” that awaits them on their path to “BLACK EXCELLENCE”!!!

Five simple words have caused a positive stir within the black communities all throughout the world. I’m speaking into existence that those five simple words will get us all (black people) back to loving, cherishing, helping, appreciating and pushing each other towards “BLACK EXCELLENCE” like we used to do. When it was us against the world. Let’s get back to “I’M ROOTING FOR EVERYBODY BLACK” like our ancestors once did!

Thank you Ms. Rae for the “GREATEST PHRASE” that teaches us all to start “LOVING” each other!


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