Invitational Exhibition Titled “Vibrate Higher” Debuts At South Fulton County Art Center

Invitational Exhibition Titled “Vibrate Higher” Debuts At South Fulton County Art Center


On April 14th 2017, South Fulton County Art Center will debut a new Invitational Exhibition titled “Vibrate Higher.” This exhibition will be the second installment of the new NEXT LEVEL ARTSHOW series at S.F.A.C.

A person’s vibration is a direct reflection of their inner thoughts, feelings, beliefs, choice of words, how well they take care of themselves, the natural environment, and others around them. Your vibration is your divine signature, your soul essence, and it is special only to you! “In today’s social, political, and economic atmosphere, it is even more important than ever to not only hold, but project a healthier state of being. As artists, it is our calling to do so. The Vibrate Higher Exhibition will be a collective step in that direction!” – Artist/Curator Ralph “rEN” Dillard


Title: Vibrate Higher

Opening Date: 4/14/17 7pm – 9:30pm

Location: South Fulton county Art Center

Address: 4645 Butner Rd, College Park, GA 30349

Phone:(404) 612-3087

Art Center Manager : Tony Jordan

Curator: Ralph “rEN” Dillard PH# 678-755-3146

Admission: Free and open to the public

Also featuring NEXT LEVEL performances by: Eldridge Simms Jazz Quartet

Arts Center manager Tony Jordan, “It’s been a joy to work with community artists who are passionate about their craft. My goal from day one has been to present high quality art that also raises awareness. Most importantly for my staff and I, we want to ensure the residents of South Fulton have access to the arts in this area.”

The exhibition will be on display until May 31th 2017. Studies show that thoughts that vibrate at a higher level are likely to be strong, positive, and healthy thoughts, whereas thoughts that vibrate at a low level are more likely to be negative, harmful, and disempowering. The aim of this show is to raise peoples thoughts/frequency levels… if only for a short while. This is an electric time to be alive! As artists, it is important to help our community VIBRATE HIGHER. #unlearn