New Metro Atlanta Charter School Fills Gap In Education System; Now Accepting...

New Metro Atlanta Charter School Fills Gap In Education System; Now Accepting Applications

Genesis Innovation Academy is a State-Approved Charter School that offers gender-specific instruction and small class sizes


Genesis Innovation Academy, a free public charter school, will open its doors in Fall 2017 for students entering kindergarten through 6th grade.

Founded by Dr. Gavin Samms, a graduate of Harvard University and Georgia Institute of Technology, Genesis Innovation Academy offers students a cross-disciplinary curriculum. “We are pairing the traditional subjects with curriculum that challenges scholars to be the creative, critical-thinkers who prosper in the 21st century,” says Dr. Samms. “So Yes! We teach math. However, we connect math to economics, investing and finance.”

Dr. Samms has coined the E5 curriculum model. Scholars apply core subjects to the study of Engineering (STEM), Economics, Entrepreneurship, Ethics, and Expression.

Samms has a history of increasing student performance, most recently as founding principal of Fulton Leadership Academy for boys in South Fulton. Under his leadership, African-American males far exceeded state performance benchmarks. That experience combined with research led to creating the smaller, single-gender classrooms Genesis Innovation Academy will offer. “Boys are less engaged, suspended and expelled more, and have lower grades. For urban boys, this is a crisis,” says Samms.  “Our girls are often discouraged from pursuing high paying, high-power fields that men dominate. We cannot continue to pretend our sons and daughters have the same needs. They do not!”

Samms, a father of four, will send his children to Genesis in the fall. “I tried traditional school for my children. But I grew frustrated with a process that could not meet their academic needs. The focus has been on preparing our children to be test takers in a world that rewards innovators. The old approach is not working, and I cannot wait for someone else to figure this out.”

Samms, travels the country coaching principals on school turnaround. “I’m in this business to make a difference. My job as an educator is to use strategies that work and eliminate those that do not. Genesis is committed to doing what works!”

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