NYC Purged 200,000 voters during Democratic primary

NYC Purged 200,000 voters during Democratic primary

NYC Purged 200,000 Voters

I realize this is old news, we all knew it happened, along with the long string of other deplorable actions the Democratic Party Establishment took in order to nominate a deeply unpopular, incompetent and flawed candidate, which let’s get real is why we have Trump as our president now.

However it is only now over a year after the NYC purges of progressive voters that the story has been confirmed by confession. Nearly 120k voters were purged in Brooklyn alone. I’m not saying that this changed the results of the entire primary, but it’s not like this was the only fishy thing that occurred during the primary.

I’m not even saying Bernie would have won New York if this hadn’t occurred, after all he lost by 16 points and it isn’t even a guarantee that 50% of the purged voters would have supported Senator Sanders let alone 100%. What is important about this is that 200k people were purged from voter rolls in New York, this isn’t Mississippi or Alabama. If this had been done by a Republican State the Democrats would have been screaming bloody murder.

At this point I question the point of even voting in this country, with 9 hour lines in Arizona, with the Iowa Caucus called early with less than a point difference between the candidates, New York, millions of ballots not counted in California, going even further back to all the voter purging going on during the Bush vs. Gore. Elections in 2000, and if for some nonsensical reason you still trust the Democrats Russia in the 2016 election. When lawmakers will repeal any anti-corruption law we try to pass. In reality our government doesn’t even really function as a democracy, it is really just an oligarchy now, something that has been reported in other countries more than in the American mainstream media.

Since the 2018 midterms are coming up soon, I guess I’m going to have to see how well those corporatist oligarchs can rig those elections because I’m certainly not going to support any of them.