“Paint & Sip Experience” Tour Presented by Whitney Austin!

“Paint & Sip Experience” Tour Presented by Whitney Austin!


The “EVER TALENTED” artist Whitney Austin began her first ever “PAINT & SIP EXPERIENCE” tour with her first stop at the spacious Casa Blanca Banquet in Atlanta, GA.

The Charlotte, NC based artist was a gracious & beautiful host as she taught 135 people between two separate classes. The first class from 1p-4p, she taught 70 people to draw a piece titled “DEEPLY ROOTED”. Her second class of 65 people from 7p-10p, were taught to draw a piece titled “AFRIKA” .These two paintings are among a vast amount of original painting this artist has drawn.

Her next stop is Baltimore, MD on the 23rd of September. With other stops in D.C., Chicago, California, either Brooklyn or Harlem as well as Houston; our heart & prayers goes out to everyone in Houston and all surrounding areas.

Besides more stops she plans on adding to her tour, she does countless “PAINT & SIP EXPERIENCES” in her gallery which is located in the city of Charlotte, NC. She also does the “PAINT & SNACK EXPERIENCE” with kids raining from 5-13 years old. Check out her website for tour dates, because this talented artist might just be coming to your city very soon. Be sure not to miss out on it!

Website: www.whitneyaustin.com

Instagram: @whitney_austin

FaceBook: @thewhitneyaustincollection

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