Restaurant Review Spotlight: Desta Ethiopian Kitchen

Restaurant Review Spotlight: Desta Ethiopian Kitchen


Desta Ethiopian Kitchen located in the heart of Atlanta is a restaurant that you can dine-in, takeout or use the drive thru to try their delicious Ethiopian cuisines. This is a venue that you have to check out, despite a wait time that can last anywhere from 15 mins to an hour, but it’s well worth the wait. The ambiance and atmosphere of this venue is very nice & warm. From the host to the servers, they make sure to accommodate your every need as you enjoy the fresh and exquisite Ethiopian cuisines served to you.

I enjoyed the company of five of my colleagues as we delved into meat lovers, seafood lovers and 2 vegetarian platters. The meat lovers platter included chicken, lamb & zil zil (strips of tender beef); while the seafood lovers platter consisted fish, salmon & shrimp. Both these platters includes Tibs which are vegetables added with the meats such as curry cabbage, gomen (collared greens), miser and star.

These Tibs were also included without meat in the vegetarian platters along with Shiro (stew that consists of powdered chickpeas or broad bean). Everyone also received an injera (a spongy sour flatbread), which is meant to eat alongside with the platters.

All in all, Desta Ethiopian Kitchen is a great spot to dine at either with our family, that special someone in your life or even your colleagues. To avoid the wait time, it’s best that you make reservations. They receive my stamp of approval as the next black owned restaurant to tryout in Atlanta.

Located: 3086 Briarcliff Road NE, Atlanta 30329

Phone: 404-929-0011


Open: Sunday-Thursday 10A-10P Friday & Saturday 10A-12A