Royale L’Radin is a Transformational Speaker who has embarked on a journey to inspire, motivate and transform the masses using his life experiences. He quotes, “No man or woman has ever become great without making great mistakes”, and it is through this philosophy that he continues to help other people change their lives. He has also been the keynote speaker for events of well known organizations across the east coast such as the YMCA, The Boys and Girls Club, Bridgewater State University, Harvard University, Rockland Trust Bank and many more. He is currently in the process of opening his community center Stoughton, Ma called “The Revolution To Inspire Empowerment Center”.

I finally got the chance to get a hold of him out of his very busy schedule and interview him about his life, his visions and his goals.

Q: Where are you originally from?
A: I was born in Brooklyn, NY precisely in East Flatbush section known as the 50’s.

Q: How was life for you growing up in Brooklyn as a kid?
A: It was inspiring in the sense that, I grew up with my mother being a single parent. My mother who migrated from Haiti spoke little English, which made me her personal translator. Despite her language barrier and her having to work at two factories to make ends meet, she managed to send me to private school to get a great education.

Q: Who and what were the biggest influences in your life?
A: Besides my mother, I would say both the negative and positive mentors in my life influenced me to be the man I am today. While the negative mentors taught me how to lead the destructive path I was on, it was the positive mentors I had in my early years whose lessons helped me come back around full circle.

Q: So how did get your start into becoming the transformative speaker that you are today?
A: During my incarceration, I found my life purpose. I realized that my calling was helping other people become their best selves and helping the youth avoid the pitfalls I wasn’t able to avoid.

Q: I hear you are working on a very big project thats on the horizon. Do you care to share a little more about it?
A: Yes, I definitely am; I’m currently in the process of opening the doors to a community center named The “Revolution To Inspire Empowerment Center”. With this community center I intend to give the youth the support they need to express their creativity, anger, sadness and happiness through the different outlets that will be offered here at this center.

Q: So is there an Go Fund Me Page that folks can donate to the cause?
A: Yes, the website is

Q: Did you encounter any difficulties in your journey to opening up this center?
A: Yes, I have. What I learned is that your the one who has to keep going on when the support gets quiet and the critics get loud. Also, I incurred financial difficulties in which I had to learn creative ways to raise funds and find resources; in order to keep the dream alive.

Q: How soon do you think the center will be up & running; how excited are you about your vision becoming a reality?
A: Within the beginning of next year and I’m tremendously excited that Ill be able to empower my community.

Q: With you building the “Revolution to Inspire Empowerment Center” in Stoughton, MA you see yourself in 5-10 years from now opening other centers in other states.
A: Absolutely!!!

Q: To closeout this interview, can you please say the slogan that so many people know you by?
A: “Any Day Above Ground Is Definitely A Great Day, Let’s Get It On Purpose”!!!




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