Stacey Abrams Historic Race To Gubernatorial-ship!!!

Stacey Abrams Historic Race To Gubernatorial-ship!!!


As Stacey Abrams pushes closer and closer to becoming the very first African-American woman to become governor of Georgia or any other state in the United States for that matter; she doesn’t rest on her laurels on being on the cusp of American history. Rather this former House Minority Leader out there going from town to town meeting folks all over Georgia letting them know why she is truly a worthy candidate of being the next governor the Peach State.

While on the campaign trail as the Democratic candidate for Governor, she’s coming up with plans that will help the state of Georgia generate prosperity and wealth not only temporarily but for decades to come. Her latest one the Georgia Economic Mobility Plan is intended to increase prosperity, lift families from poverty, reduce income inequality and ensure that there is a fair as well as inclusive economy for all Georgians.

Below is the link to reading the entire Georgia Economic Mobility Plan:

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