Telecommuting is on the Rise in Atlanta


    Four Businesspeople Having Video Conference In BoardroomWorking in your pajamas might sound like a dream, but for the increasing number of telecommuters in Atlanta, this working environment is quite the reality.

    According to the latest census data, the city of Atlanta has experienced one of the largest increases in telecommuting since 2000. In fact the numbers from the 2014 American Community Survey data show just how popular working remotely has become.

    According to data, approximately 6% of workers in Atlanta work remotely. This is double the amount of commuters who use transit.

    For the most part, workers in Atlanta and cities across the country drive to work alone. But due to an increase in alternative transportation modes, such as bicycling, public transit and working remotely, a significant shift in America’s commute patterns are taking place.

    So is working from home all it’s cracked up to be? According to 67% of professionals, telecommuting is a productive means of working. Commuting is often a difficulty for many workers – particularly in cities like Atlanta – and telecommuting makes work a more efficient and convenient process.

    And studies show that telecommuting and working from home increases employee turnover and satisfaction and allows the company to save money on office costs.

    However, some find telecommuting to be a lonely existence. Offices provide important team-building camaraderie and human interaction that a life of telecommuting sorely lacks. And productivity can be a mixed bag for individuals tempted by the distractions of Netflix, pets, and other attention grabbers that wouldn’t necessarily be fostered in an office setting.

    Yet many of the downsides of working remotely may be due to the early stages of these telecommuting programs. As the data shows, the trend of telecommuting has only just begun. As more individuals in large cities begin working remotely, future statistics will show the true effectiveness of telecommuting and its productivity.