Tulsa Real Estate Fund Presents “BLACK WALL STREET BALL”

Tulsa Real Estate Fund Presents “BLACK WALL STREET BALL”


The 1st annual Black Wall Street Ball took place at the Old Dekalb Courthouse Ballroom in Decatur, GA. The red carpet, black tie event was hosted by the ever graceful Terri J. Vaughn. Black Wall Street Ball was presented by the Tulsa Real Estate Fund, lead by the beautiful black power couple CEO Jay Morrison aka “Young Malcolm” and Creative Director Ernestine Johnson aka “Young Betty”. The Black Wall Street team also includes CFO Mason Mallory, Business Development Mershard Frierson, Gen. Counsel Johnetta Paye, ESQ, Director of Finance & Administration Tai Burton, Dir. of Client Relations Andre Hatchett and Dir. of Tech. Jacoby Dubose.

Black Wall Street Ball is named after one of the most prominent concentration of a town in which every business was owned by an African American in the early 20th century in America. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma the town was dubbed as “BLACK WALL STREET”, it was very self sufficient. Subsequently an unfortunate tragedy took place in 1921, which is known as the “1921 Tulsa Race Riot” in which 150+ businesses were destroyed, 300+ lives lost and 6,000 others were detained. This wealthy community was viciously attacked via ground and air by their racial enemies. A massacre that is “NEVER” taught in schools but I digress.

Tulsa Real Estate Fund’s mission is to remain committed in rebuilding self sustaining black communities throughout the United States and abroad. With the main goal of these same communities becoming as successful the original “BLACK WALL STREET”.

The event was held on the birthday of the late Great Marcus Garvey (August 17, 1887). Professionals of all titles networked and interacted as drinks and delicious food was served during this very classy event. Ernestine Johnson recited a very “powerful & touching” spokenword piece, afterwards CEO Jay Morrison explained the visions and goals of the Tulsa Real Estate Fund and how black people of all ages and backgrounds can invest in this program to help “BUY BACK THE BLOCK” and repair Black communities one by one worldwide!!

Website: www.tulsarealestatefund.com
InstaGram: @tulsarealestatefund
Twitter: @tulsafund
FaceBook: @TulsaRealEstateFundLLC


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